Legal Notices

NOTICE:  The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court has ruled that due to the difficulty of obtaining signatures on ballot petitions during the current pandemic, the following accommodation shall be made:

  1. An “electronic signature,” which is the voter’s hand-written signature, either on paper or using a mouse or stylus on an electronic document, will be accepted on printed petitions.

NOTE: you will receive a PDF copy of each petition you sign via email.  That very same PDF (with only your signature on it) will be turned in to the City Clerk’s office.  This will generate a lot of paper, but doing it this way complies with the new requirements.

PRIVACY: Your digital signature, address, ward, and precinct are printed on the petitions. Your contact information is used by Westfield Taxpayers Association in order to send you a copy of your signed petitions, and to contact you in the future to help with other initiatives. You may remove yourself from our email lists at anytime by clicking on the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of any email. No “Personal Information” as defined in Mass 201 CMR 17 is collected or stored by this website.