Sign Petitions to Improve Roads

The Westfield Taxpayers Association has initiated three petitions.  These petitions request the City to dedicate  meals tax, hotel tax, and 25% of the marijuana tax to the Road and Sidewalk Stabilization Fund.

At the June 30, 2016, budget hearing, the Mayor pledged to dedicate the meals and hotels taxes to fixing the roads, and a deciding number of City Councilors voted to increase these taxes based on that promise. However, to this day, that tax money goes into the General Fund and is spent on other things. Westfield Voters can rectify that, and finally fund badly needed infrastructure repairs and improvements.  We need your help. Please sign the petitions, and ask your friends and neighbors for support as well.

Thank You!!


After completing and submitting this form, a full copy of the petition(s) will be emailed to you.

Thank you for supporting our efforts to repair our roads and sidewalks.

Brian Richards
Westfield Taxpayers Association, Inc.